Author: Courtney Sweatman

Hearts Stitched Together By Love

A grandmother’s love is the only love that rivals the love of a mother. Distilled by years of experience, it gushes with unbridled affection and pride. And it was grandmotherly love that connected Phoenix employees Kathi Meikus and Lidia Mercado back in 2008. Kathi wanted to give her granddaughter Savannah a toy doctor’s kit for […]

Employee Spotlight: Donna Cowart

Las Vegas, Nevada is known to many as “Sin City.” But Donna Cowart wasn’t in Vegas this past February to gamble or enjoy any of the city’s other infamous pleasures. Donna, one of Phoenix’s HR specialists, was there to support the Special Olympics. Donna has been a Special Olympics volunteer for 10 years. She learned […]

Employee Spotlight: Andre Phillips

It’s not every day that a person earns a paycheck while doing good. But earlier this month Phoenix employee Andre Phillips did just that. Phillips is the assistant project manager for our Missile Defense Agency custodial and mail contracts at Ft. Belvoir and Dahlgren Naval base, both of which are in Virginia. A severe snow […]

Howard Little

Howard Little says he was 14 when he first started getting into trouble. But alcohol is what really upended his life. “I was out of work for 10 years before I got sober,” he said. Around that time, Howard learned about Phoenix. The timing was perfect. Howard was struggling to rebuild his life. “When I got […]