Annual Report

Phoenix Ribbon Cutting

Annual Report

2017 Annual Report


Thank you for being interested in learning more about Phoenix programs and business operations. The Phoenix team is very proud of what we have accomplished for the individuals we serve and our customers. We look forward to the challenges of the coming year as we adapt our programs and business operations to meet our customers’ needs.

Recent changes in federal guidelines for the funding stream for our partner, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, mean that we are now heavily involved with career preparation classes in high schools across north Alabama. The expansion of these classes has dramatically expanded our geographical footprint and almost doubled the number of individuals that we served last year. The combination of these career preparation classes and closer contact with career coaches and teachers is exciting as it reflects society’s growing appreciation for careers that don’t involve four‐year degrees. From the construction trades to technical vocations to the exploding hospitality industry, we are helping students learn about these careers so they and their families can make more informed choices. Our classes are also helping them acquire life tools of money management and decision making that will serve them well for decades to come. As we network with the undervalued and underappreciated high school teachers, we get first‐hand feedback on how we can do our job better. We really appreciate that partnership!

We continue to work with local employers to find good jobs for individuals. It is very inspiring to see informed employers shift their thinking towards inclusion and diversity in their workforces. They understand that the demographics of our society are dramatically changing and they are embracing those changes in a positive manner. People with disabilities, whether those disabilities are apparent to others or not, will continue to be a larger and larger portion of our society. Many employers recognize the many benefits of a diverse workforce, including people with disabilities, AND they appreciate Phoenix services such as job coaching and disability awareness training for their employees.

Phoenix has enjoyed the strong support of the North Alabama community, the state of Alabama and the wonderful leaders at Redstone Arsenal for over fifty years of support to our programs through hiring people with disabilities and the AbilityOne program for provision of essential services to the numerous federal customers on Redstone Arsenal. We cherish that support and protectively guard our reputation by working every day to do the best job possible for our customers and consumers. Our values of people, accountability, customers, ethics and safety are how we guide our efforts and assess our success. We understand that we earn our keep one day at a time and complacency is our enemy!

People with disabilities still experience an unemployment rate of over 65% and our work is far from complete! We need every partner possible in our efforts to find EVERYONE that wants a job with a job that matches their abilities to the job requirements. As an organization and as a society, this is our ethical and moral obligation. We invite your company or organization to collaborate with us in our mission and quest! We look forward to meeting you and working with you!


Bryan Dodson,