Annual Report

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Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Phoenix. Even after 35 years, I remain excited about our organization and the fine staff and employees we have as team members; and where our organization is headed.

During the past year, we have completed a total renovation of our “home office” on Johnson Road with dramatically updated offices, meeting and training space and installation of state of the art technology for our future service to people with disabilities and our government and commercial customers. Our geographic footprint continues to expand with services to individuals now being provided in seven Alabama counties and our contracts under AbilityOne now operate in five states. Our continued growth and success is due to our great team members who do great work every day in taking care of our customers and the individuals with disabilities that we serve. As you will see in our revised format annual report, we continue to focus on PEOPLE first; our consumers; our employees; and our staff. The number of individuals with disabilities going to work has continued to increase, our average placement rate continues to increase and our consumer feedback says that over 98% of the individuals we serve would recommend us to their friends and family!

In the next year, we face significant changes to the laws and regulations that govern vocational rehabilitation services and the AbilityOne program. These changes will present us challenges but I am confident that Phoenix will continue to be successful in our mission because we will stay focused on the people we serve and our great customers and meeting or exceeding their requirements. We are adding new programs of service for our consumers to enhance their future vocational success and we continue to invest in equipment, training and processes for our federal and commercial customers for manufactured goods and service provision. We certainly aren’t perfect, but we strive to listen to our customers to help us anticipate their requirements.

Phoenix is fortunate to be part of the great North Alabama community and to enjoy almost 50 years of strong, community support. The decades of support from federal customers, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, United Way and our exceptional volunteers who serve on our board of directors enable our success. Although collectively we have seen success; there is still so much more to do. People with disabilities still experience an unemployment rate of almost 65% and some employers haven’t realized how much value people with disabilities can bring to their organizations in a variety of ways.

So I invite you to learn more about our programs and services and to join us in our journey of improving the quality of life for all people in our community; especially people with disabilities!


H. Bryan Dodson

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