Check below, where you’ll also find several Phoenix policies and our employee handbook listed. Click on any of these links to download the documents but please be advised that you also may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.


Every effort will be made to keep these forms up to date. Please email us if you find something out of date. The human resources department at Phoenix is the ultimate source for the most current copies of policies, forms and the employee handbook.


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Purchase Requisition Form   Misson, Vision and Values
Local Travel Reimbursement   HIPAA Policy Notice
2017 Benefits Assist Claim Form2016 Assist Claim Form   Phoenix Hourly Personnel Policies
Employee Info Update Sheet   Beneficiary Designation Form
Supervisor Accident-Incident Report - DOC / PDF   Scholarship Application
Workers' Compensation - Revised 1st Report of Injury  / Compensation Codes


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