What does it cost to participate in Phoenix's programs that provide services to people with disabilities?

Phoenix has several programs that provide various services to people with disabilities, none of which cost the individual participant or his/her family anything.  Please visit the Vocational Services tab on the homepage for more details and to submit an inquiry for more information.

If I or someone I know has a disability, where and how do I start?

The easiest way is to simply call or email Phoenix at 256-880-0671 or info@phoenixhsv.org.  Tell the receptionist or write in the email that either you, or someone you know wants to inquire about more information on how to obtain Phoenix’s services for a person with a disability.

What kinds of disabilities does Phoenix serve?

Phoenix serves all types of vocational disabilities. A vocational disability is any disability (physical, emotional, learning, physiological, etc.) that can impact a person’s ability to get or keep a job. Therefore, each person’s disability has to be evaluated while taking into account their work experience, education, personal resources (do they have a car to get to work, for example) and other factors. All people served by Phoenix have a program specifically designed for their individual situations that will help them maximize their vocational potential and goals.

What services or products are available to potential customer of Phoenix?

If you are a potential government or commercial business partner interested in what services or products Phoenix could provide your organization, simply visit the Government Services and/or Manufacturing tabs from the homepage.  From there, you can learn more about Phoenix’s business capabilities as well as submit an inquiry to request more information.

How did Phoenix get started?

Concerned citizens of the community started Phoenix in 1973 as non-profit corporation. Today, Phoenix is still governed by a group of business, community and professional leaders who serve without compensation. They oversee the policies and programs of the organization and set the long-term goals for Phoenix.

How do I know Phoenix is a "good non-profit" for Huntsville?

Phoenix is a United Way agency, subject to United Way’s accountability measures. Phoenix has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for many years and annually files appropriate information with the BBB for public review. Phoenix’s programs are accredited by CARF, an international accrediting agency that reviews Phoenix’s programs and compares them to international standards for accountability, performance and ethics. CARF provides a written report of its findings and has given Phoenix the best accreditation period (three years) for more than 24 consecutive years.

How do I get a job at Phoenix?

Phoenix jobs are intended for persons with disabilities who are, due to those disabilities, excluded from jobs in the competitive work place. Positions are filled based on eligibility, job availability and need. For more information, please call (256) 880-0671 or send an email to info@phoenixhsv.org. Or see our current job openings.

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